• Workshop coming up to help support your ability to succeed!

    Happy New Year!
    What are you envisioning for 2024?

    TLDR: set yourself up for a win by attending my upcoming Workshop, so you can effectively navigate your journey - no matter what obstacles may appear!
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    Here's the long version :)

    As you embark on a New Year, what would you like to leave behind from last year?
    What in your life is asking for a change?
    What would you like to welcome in, in the coming year?

    What excites you when you ponder how this could be your best year yet!?!

    Warning: If you want to experience a new way of being (or doing) in the coming year/months/weeks, you will be met with resistance (like self-sabotage, and/or push-back from others) ~ this is not to discourage you (on the contrary!), it's just so you know what to expect as part of your growth journey ~ and it certainly doesn't mean you should give up!

    What if I told you there is a predictable pattern to growth?

    What if I told you that your gremlins (aka fear voices) guard the edges of your growth zone?  They (and your physiology) are designed to keep you safe ~ which means repeating the patterns you've already experienced (aka the past), because it's been established that you survived (no matter how miserably).  We're evolutionarily set up to prioritize just staying alive, rather than to thrive.  Yikes!

    Want to break out of the hamster wheel and embark on a new adventure?

    Want to learn key tools to help you succeed, even when the sh*t hits the fan?

    In our ever-changing world, it is paramount that we develop skills so we can navigate growth with as much grace (and effectiveness) as possible.  Lest we continue to perpetuate patterns that no longer serve us (nor our planet).  We cannot solve the problems of our world (or our life) by playing it safe and following the status quo (especially when that "norm" leaves you feeling defeated and despondent).

    If you knew you could successfully navigate whatever life throws at you, what would that free you to do?

    How might it also benefit others?

    It is with all of this in mind that I am offering a brand new workshop, to help empower you on your path:

    Navigating Growth with Compassion, Curiosity, and Courage

    In this workshop, you will learn about the Growth Journey ~ you will be able to recognize each stage, and (most importantly) how to successfully move from one stage to the next.  We will explore which strategies and tools work best for YOU personally, to help keep you on your path (you so know how and when to pivot as needed).

    This is the single most valuable thing I have learned in the many hundreds of hours of study from the last several years, and I am SO excited to share it with you!

    The process I will teach you has had the most profound contribution to me personally making the monumental shift from feeling like my own worst enemy to identifying as my own best friend and most trusted ally!  This has been HUGE (!!!) and was up until relatively recently a missing piece of the puzzle despite decades of studying tools for positive transformation).

    I firmly believe everyone would benefit from knowing this simple and life-changing framework (I wish they taught us this in public school!  and: better late than never!  now's your chance!).

    This information (about effectively navigating growth including how to approach the obstacles along the path) can be applied to ANY area of your life (small and/or big changes ~ whether you want to tackle a project, get more fit, fine-tune your income, or anything else you want to do/be).
    Once you learn it, you can never unlearn it ~ the benefits will carry on through the rest of your life.



    From one of the fabulous folks I've had the pleasure to work with:
    "Learning how to navigate the Growth Cycle has allowed me to remember that growth doesn't always feel good... It has given me an anchor - being in the unease and trusting that there is a way through, and what is on the other side of that is such beauty."

    And another:
    "Thank you so much Dove for sharing the Growth Cycle with me!
    Knowing this has been so beneficial when navigating the stress and anxiety that has been showing up in my body as I am starting my own business.
    It really does help to navigate the hard times.
    Thank you again!


    Click here for more details, and to sign up (before enrolment closes Jan 15!).

    --> Oh, and how about this for an exciting opportunity?   BRING a FRIEND and you can each save 50% (like 2 for 1!) and you're welcome to invite more that one study buddy! each person can save 50% ~ Use the coupon code FRIEND50 at checkout :)
    I am so excited to see you and your friend(s) there!  Thanks for helping spread the word, and share the magic :)




    Questions?  Please ask!  Email dove@meadowdove.ca  :)

    Thank you!


  • Recommended Reading

    I will continue to add to this list regularly, so check back often!

    • Patriarchy Stress Disorder
      • Dr Valerie Rein
    • The Big Leap
      • Gay Hendricks
    • Radical Wholeness
      • Philip Shepherd
    • You Are a Badass
      • Jen Sincero
    • You Can Heal Your Life
      • Louise Hay
    • Shift the Field
      • Darla LeDoux
    • Road Trip Guide to the Soul
      • Sadie Nardini
    • The Art of Saying No
      • Damon Zahariades
    • Intgrative Yoga Therapy: Yoga Teacher's Toolbox
      • Joseph and Lilian Le Page


    Enjoy :)

    I would be soooo happy to discuss the content of any of these books!

    And, is there a book you think I should be aware of (and potentially add to this list)?

    Please email: dove@meadowdove.ca


  • Our Journey Together

    Here's a sneak peek at what commonly shows up, when we work together.

    It's not always as linear a progression as is illustrated in this specific sequence (though we always start at the beginning!) ~ part of the beauty of working one-on-one is that we get to focus on whatever feels most important and relevant to address, at the time.

    The bottom points (in the pic) show some of the elements that get layered into each section (and session) of the journey.

    There is a lot to digest in this infographic (even still, I could happily elaborate ~ though someone just pointed out to me: "How do you explain magic? You can't.").  I love to dive in and work with people in a comprehensive way, so that your whole self is honoured and we aren't skimming over the parts that are (often subconsiously) steering the ship ;)

    Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear! Email me (dove@meadowdove.ca).

    I'd love to talk with you about your specific situation, to understand what you're currently struggling with and your vision.  Click here to schedule a complimentary call, to tell me all about it (and gain helpful insights and clarity to help you on your path, right now!).  If it feels like we're a good fit to work further (beyond the complimentary call), we can discuss options.  If not, that's cool too!  Even taking this time for yourself to have a meaningful conversation about where you're at, and what feels important for you, can be a powerful catalyst for growth and healing.  This is my gift to you ~ in honour of the courage it takes to reach out and try something new, and it also helps deepen my understanding of how I can be of service in the world (and so I thank you in advance!).  I truly believe the world would be an amazing place if more people had access to this kind of support ~ Want to see for yourself?  Let's do this!

  • Salt Spring Well-being Fair: March 31 & April 1, 2023

    SAVE THE DATE! I will be participating at this Well-Being Fair on Salt Spring Island April 1 (& March 31) ~ Woohoo!

    I will have a booth there (Sat April 1, 10am-5pm), and will be offering "taster sessions" for laser coaching and/or a mini-consult (by donation, with proceeds going to a few of my favourite charities ~ win-win!).

    I will also be one of the presenters! I will be guiding participants through an experiential process ~ facilitating an inner conversation that includes the body, mind, and soul, and explores how to honour the inner wisdom that becomes illuminated through this meditative embodiment practice. 1pm, on the Yoga Stage :)  Bring a pen & paper, and/or relax on your yoga mat & enjoy!

    Come play! 😃
    I truly am delighted to find out who I get to connect with there! Hopefully YOU :)

    It's an easy day trip from Victoria, and/or a great excuse for a weekend getaway (there are fabulous offerings both Fri & Sat evenings), yay! So many accommodation options to choose from ~ I highly recommend the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga for a peaceful and affordable stay (and the money goes to a great cause). ❤

  • (one of) my gift(s) for you!

    I recently recorded a guided audio journey, to help you focus on creating a life you love (one step at a time).

    Check it out ~ CLICK HERE :)


  • Announcing: my YouTube Channel!

    I almost forgot to mention it here (I've been keeping my email list and Facebook group in the loop, and it just occured to me, that the lovely website folks may enjoy knowing) ~

    I've started a YouTube channel! (click to view)

    I am simply creating vidoes when I feel inspired, and have the time (perhaps someday I'll be reliably predictable ~ for now, I'm letting myself go with the flow).

    I would be HAPPY TO HEAR any requests for topics!

    It is, after all, intended to be an act of love and service ~ for you!

    Simply email me (dove@meadowdove.ca) or add a comment here (you can comment on this post!).

    Thank you & Enjoy!

    All the best

    PS ~ I would love it if you subscribe ;) Your enthusiasm helps fuel my inspiration :D Thanks again!

  • I'm here to help...

    Stress levels are running high.

    Nearly half of Canadians are more stressed out now than they were at the beginning of the pandemic.

    70% are worried about their physical and mental health.

    "We're now reaching unprecedented levels of stress that will challenge our ability to cope." says Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D., American Psychological Association's chief executive officer.

    A recent survey on behalf of APA found COVID-19-related stress was associated with unhealthy coping mechanisms (such as increased drinking and weight gain), and these unhealthy coping behaviours have now become entrenched ~ this points to mental & physical health continuing to decline.

    Reduced social support, and strained social relationships also make coping with stress more challenging.

    "We know from decades of research that healthy and supportive relationships are key to promoting resilience and building people's mental wellness," continues Evans. "Particularly during periods of prolonged stress, it's important that we facilitate opportunities for social connection and support."

    He advises that as a society, we connect not only with those in distress, but also engage in prevention for those who are relatively healthy.

    The good news?

    I'm here to help!

    I have felt the call to action, and I am responding.

    I am so excited to announce my newest program:

    Embodying Peace

    This program combines tools to reduce stress & anxiety, tension & un-ease, so you can enjoy more vibrant health & resilience, authenticity & peace ~ in body & mind.

    1. A special selection of offerings from years of studies and research ~ a mix of self-paced, as well as guided practices: a variety to accommodate different learning styles. I will be adding extra resources based on the needs of participants ~ wow!

    2. Group calls with a curated group, creating a safe space ~ this is an amazing experience! Even on those days when you may feel too shy to share, there is so much value in hearing other people's experience. There's no substitute for community support. Being on the journey with others can boost a sense of hope, and help keep momentum through the hills and valleys along the path. While it's natural to be nervous to join a group, the benefits outweigh the risks - and it's likely other people in the group feel the same way ;) The first thing we can celebrate together is summoning the courage to join the group! We're in this (and we're stronger) together.

    3. One-on-one coaching with me (Dove), including customized support, and a personalized action plan.

    This process is not just about information ~ it's about transformation.

    Reconnect with yourself, your inner wisdom, your body-mind, and with others. Embody Peace.

    Space is limited, to maintain a very high level of care.


    If you are curious to learn more, CLICK HERE to book a free Discovery Call with me. This call is my gift to you, and will help bring clarity about your challenges and your goals, and discover if working together feels like a good fit (for both of us). I have limited availability, so if you're interested, book now! I look forward to speaking with you soon :)


    Peace be within you, and within our world.


    "If we want peace, we have to be peace.

    Peace is a practice, not a hope."

    ~ Thich Nhat Hanh











  • New Facebook Group!

    Recognizing it is a way to reach out, share, and connect with our global community, I have decided to create a Facebook group:

    Heart Centre Reconnect Collective

    This group is intended as a safe haven for heart-centered folks who may struggle with stress & anxiety to connect: with me, with like-minded folks from near & far, and within ~ reconnect to your heart, to let it shine a little brighter.

    PLEASE JOIN, and invite anyone you feel may benefit.

    See you there!


  • New Facebook Page!

    Meadow Dove Wellness finally has a Facebook Page!


    I will be posting updates & annoucements there ~ join me there to stay in touch via Facebook!

    Please check it out, and click the button (it was "like" but now I think it's "follow" ~ who can keep up with the ever evolving world of tech? Lol)!


  • Inner Light Gratitude Gift

    Even in the darkest of times, there is light within each of us :)


    I have thought of recording guided visualizations to share, for years.

    I finally decided to let go of my need to "get it perfect" (Yay!) and successfully recorded myself early this morning, after my regular pranayama and meditation practice. As I sat on my front steps, the wind was my companion amidst the pre-dawn quiet - can you hear the gusts? I could also hear ocean waves stirred up by the wind, but I don't think my microphone is quite that sensitive...

    I also considered searching the internet for the "perfect picture" to accompany this, and decided instead to include a simple one from my home to you. I hope the heartfelt nature of my offering lands with you.

    What gift do you have, waiting to be shared with the world? Can you let it be messy, and invite ease to flow?

    Thank you for receiving my imperfect gift ~ I hope any "flaws" (am I singing in or out of key? I don't know, Lol!) simply highlight my humanity, and help give you permission to share your genuine gift(s) with the world :)


    Click here to listen!

    PS ~ I'd love to hear any feedback you feel inspried to share! Please click "comments" to add your thoughts - Cheers!

  • Taking a moment to recharge

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a mile-long to-do list? Feeling the weight of various responsibilities resting heavily on your shoulders, anxious at the thought of not being able to do all the things that need doing, and already so tired you want to give up before you’ve even started?

    The other day, I was doing my best to diligently get through the list I had given myself.  Recognizing it was Sunday (the day I usually like to embark on a “Sunday Stroll” in nature), I had set a time-goal for myself to go for a walk, amidst other items on my list. When the time came for my walk, I still didn’t feel like I had made enough progress on my other tasks to be able to “reward myself” with the walk. I rationalized I’d enjoy my walk more if I spent another hour getting through more of my list. As I continued to plow away under the influence of my taskmaster, the space for my walk evaporated as the clock showed it was time for another pre-determined duty.

    In a burst of what felt like temporary insanity, I raced out the door to salvage what I could of a nature walk (bumping my next item “just a bit” later, figuring that going for even a small amount of nature time would refresh and help me focus on my next endeavour more effectively - I’m so glad I listened to that voice!). I sometimes have a battle of wills between being obedient to my taskmaster, and going on strike (usually to do something fun and/or “frivolous”). Perhaps a dialogue between my head and my heart? Between "should" and "want"?...

    To really make the most of my shortened nature walk, I decided to focus all my attention on my surroundings: soaking up the sights, smells, sounds, and feelings of being immersed in nature. The sun had come out from behind the clouds, the tide was high, and I was the only one at the beach. I waded into the water, and thoroughly enjoyed the ocean’s caress (almost a sting, really, from the chill - but a gentle nip at that, Lol), along with making sure I wasn’t stepping on any unsuspecting crabs underfoot. The sun’s light dappled on the gentle rippling waves, and I eagerly filled my lungs with the salty air.  The light on the water reflected on the trees that stood at the shore, and I enjoyed imagining the secret realm of the tiny bugs that buzzed within their branches’ protection. I listened to the sound of the water lapping the pebbly shore, and the seabirds that occasionally flew nearby. I was captivated by the ever-changing vista as the sun and clouds sashayed across the sky, taking turns who was “on top”. Every time the sun beams hit my face, I relished their late-afternoon warmth. I felt my shoulders begin to relax away from my ears, and a spontaneous grin took over my face. I was rejoicing to be experiencing a moment of bliss, and as one moment gave way to another moment (and another, another), I settled into the Present as a gift. Ahhhhh...

    When I felt complete, that I had enough of a walk to feel myself “reset” to a more calm and content version of myself, I started the return journey. I felt rejuvenated, and ready to meet the rest of my day. My breathing was full and the air felt sweet. I was restored.

    Finding myself back where I’d started, I checked the time and found (to my surprise) that only half an hour had elapsed! I could hardly believe I experienced such a shift, in such a short amount of time! For me, it was an excellent lesson that taking time for my own self-care needn’t take long to feel thoroughly revitalizing! Hallelujah!
    I re-solidified my commitment to carve out (and guard, protect, honour) time for acts that nourish my soul, and prioritize regular self-care - this keeps my internal happiness battery charged, which in turn helps me find delight in the tasks on my list (and anyone I may encounter along the way), with grace. Amen.

    I am so grateful when life presents us with lessons to help us recognize experiencing joy is not only possible, it’s closer than we may think!

    Would you like to share an “a-ha moment” you’ve experienced, in regards to prioritizing your own self-care? How did honouring yourself in this way help others?

    I welcome all respectful comments below :)

  • Strolling Under the Skin

    For your viewing pleasure...

    Here’s a groundbreaking video, that shows an amazingly close-up view of some of our internal structures (fascia, etc) ~ skip to 16:43 and 23:00 to view examples of the beautifully transformative quality of our connective tissue, in vivo.

    In my experience, the most long-lasting and effective ways to work with the fascia involve patience ~ following it as it unwinds/releases/re-organizes itself ~ this process can’t be rushed.

    Warning: this video contains real-life images (literally, under the skin), so may not be appropriate for all viewers. Personally, I belive the images of our internal structures quite beautiful.


    PS - The image in this post is somewhat misleading, as it shows the fascia that surrounds the muscle as distinct from the bone. In truth, the fascia surrounding (and throughout) the muscle is continuous with the periosteum (the fascia that surrounds and penetrates the bones). The tendon  (which isn't really shown in this image) is made up of all the connective tissue that runs longitudinally through the muscle (rather than being a separate entity). Our bodies are an amazing interwoven network!

  • Check it out!


    I will be posting more information here soon ~ stay tuned!

    Thank you :)

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